Contemporary aesthetics and craftsmanship of excellence.


Elegant balance between colors, materials and design.


Synergy between creativity and trasformation.

Sophistication and great craftsmanship give life to a unique and precious product.

Bag-Li creates unique and original luxury bags. Each bag enhances the quality of the materials used. Even the choice of accessories is expertly designed to make a bag practical and elegant at the same time.

Stitch after stitch, the most expert craftsmen give life to the Bag-Li collections which are gorgeously designed to appeal to refined tastes

Years of tradition and great craftsmanship are embodied in manual skills that enhance the essentiality and functionality of timeless forms.

Every single handbag or clutch Bag-Li tells the value of flawless craftsmanship techniques, finishing touches and meticulous stitching and above all, the use of carefully selected materials.

Each Bag-Li is unique as it celebrates all the passion for 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship and love for luxury.

CITES Certification

All the Bag-Li products respect the Washington Treaty.

The Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, more commonly known as CITES, is an international agreement between states that aims to protect endangered plants and animals. The Convention is based on a system of permits and certificates that can be issued if certain conditions are met and which must be presented to the customs offices authorized to control the countries involved in the exchange.