Fashion Designer

Lilli Spina, Architect and fashion design, began his career as a designer in 1997 by creating the brand and the company “Lilli Spina Atelier” in Reggio Calabria, keeping the identity of the laboratory of sewing craft, which creates collections of high fashion  wedding and ceremony.

In 2004, fascinated by the versatility of craftsmanship applied to the leather opens in Florence, in the heart of the historic center, a show room offering collections of leather garments exclusively handmade.

In 2006, the company with the experience gained during the years of activity, begins the production of clothing in limited series with the brand “Lilli Spina Couture” enriching its research into innovative materials and versatile to make unique and personal every outfit.



Business Activity

The Lilli Spina Couture S.a.S. is a production and commercial company which sells its collections in the store located in Reggio Calabria in showrooms in Milan and abroad with customized lines.

The production of garments  rigorously made by hand takes place  in the workshop of Reggio Calabria using a team of seamstresses specialize in embroidery hand stitching and cutting.


The workshop Lilli Spina Couture, it is proposed with a reference point for all those women who love to live the pleasure of entering welcoming place where the choice of fabrics to the creation and implementation of a garment unique and exclusive tailor will be made exclusively by hand.

The strength of the Atelier has been since the beginning of its activities in the 90s a ‘female enterprise founded by a woman for women.


Lilli Spina style is identified by careful design research directed to trends and the use of innovative materials, the garments are cut and made by a highly trained hand with great care and attention to details and finishes.

The production cycle, from design to the finished garment is made in Italy.

The choice of materials used for the construction of the garments Lilli Spina are top quality,  Italian silk production  and French lace production.

The strict quality control makes every piece unique and exclusive away from any serialization and decrees its uniqueness.

Style Lilli Spina is addressed to the woman called “Timeless” that does not chase expressions trend, but is linked to the sign of an understated elegance that never falls into minimal. Because the style and elegance have neither time nor deadline!

The design studio proposed by Lilli Spina must serve three watchwords: Creativity, Attention to detail and uniqueness.


June 17, 2011 Teatro delle Vittorie, Rome  Lilli Spina  receives the  Award Marisa Bellisario XXIII edition of the Marisa Bellisario Award 2011 “Women, Innovation and Human Capital ” , Made in Italy section, the young craftswomen of Italian excellence in the world.